Skirted Flatbeds

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CM SK Model Flatbed

PickUp Flatbeds, Skirted Flatbeds

Photos Include Luverne Full Front Bumper Replacement, and 9K Super Winch CM Flatbed, ER Model Western style Flatbed, Gooseneck trough, Stainless stee...

CM Flatbed with Transfer Tank

PickUp Flatbeds, Skirted Flatbeds

CM Flatbed with Transfer Tank, Sealed wiring harness, LED Lights, Chrome Fender flares, Gooseneck Chanel, Please Call us for a truck specific quote. ...

CM ER Model

PickUp Flatbeds, Skirted Flatbeds, Steel Flatbeds

CM Truck Beds ultimate work truck, the ER Model, gives you the durability and styling you need to have the best-in-class hauler when it comes to truck b...

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